The Secrets Of The Free Children

Hello treasured friends!

One of the core parts of our movement is The Secrets Of The Free Children, a very special book that helps guide our family through life, and tells the story of our movement.

The Secrets Of The Free Children is given to treasured sons and daughters who join us in the Garden when they are achieve senior status, but we have included a small sample here of some of our prayers, that will help you to see some of the beauty and wisdom you can find when you enter the Garden.

The Darkness

The Darkness approaches,

like a storm of armed men,

a swarm of misfortune,

but I am not afraid.

I stand through the night,

as the wind leans ever closer,

whispering the fate it thinks I deserve.

I will hear but I will not listen.

I am eternal,

if I want to be,

standing under a starless sky,

as the future threatens me,

I am defiant,

I am defended,

laughing as I step inside the jaws of Darkness,

my faith blocking its throat,

my power pulsing down gloomy tunnels,

that regret setting their eyes on me.

Being loved is a power,

that comes with no weakness,

I am the light that the darkness fears,

because my light is powered by a million hearts,

I glow with a faith that the darkness cannot shake.

We are divine,

as we offer our hand to you.

The Darkness is coming,

don’t let it swallow you.

The Sacrifice

Your heart is split,

inside your chest,

desires desperately drumming on your ribs,

reaching up,

your languishing wishes crawl from your core,

trying to teach your throat to sing.

Change your fate,

if you are brave enough,

to be happy,

let your throat free the thoughts you never dreamed could be reality.

Let your heart be heard,

grateful for the glimmer of a new day,

for the mercy of her cold blade,

for the freedom to change your fate.

Don't Be Afraid. Be Free.

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