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Prayer – The Darkness

Hello treasured friends!


Today, please join us in a prayer to ward off the darkness and bring safety and prosperity to our lives!


As the darkness approaches, we must stand strong, and prepare for it. It might be frightening to consider that the darkness gets closer with every passing day and will soon be upon us, but do not be afraid! When you enter the garden, you will see that you had nothing to fear, and that we can keep you safe.

Simply close your eyes, and centre yourself with some deep breaths and then repeat the following prayer, to goddess Invierno, and she will keep you safe.


The Darkness approaches,

like a storm of armed men,

a swarm of misfortune,

but I am not afraid.

I stand through the night,

as the wind leans ever closer,

whispering the fate it thinks I deserve.

I will hear but I will not listen.


I am eternal,

if I want to be,

standing under a starless sky,

as the future threatens me,

I am defiant,

I am defended,

laughing as I step inside the jaws of Darkness,

my faith blocking its throat,

my power pulsing down gloomy tunnels,

that regret setting their eyes on me.


Being loved is a power,

that comes with no weakness,

I am the light that the darkness fears,

because my light is powered by a million hearts,

I glow with a faith that the darkness cannot shake.

We are divine,

as we offer our hand to you.

The Darkness is coming,

don’t let it swallow you.


Thank you for joining us, treasured friends. We hope you feel comforted by our words, and please know that we will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers, and that there is always a place for you at the garden. There is less than a month until ascension day, when the darkness makes it’s final attack, so stay safe, be prepared, and be blessed!


Blessings to you, and blessed be our goddess, Invierno.

Hello and Welcome!

Hello treasured friends!

Welcome to our brand new website. As part of our mission to bring our message and all the joy it holds to the world, we decided that we needed to be part of the world wide web, especially with The Darkness being closer and closer every day.


Our website will contain updates on our work as well as helpful resources for those looking to lead a good life and find their place in the garden.

Blessings to you, and blessed be our goddess, Invierno.